Air conditioning cleaning products are an inexpensive and effective way to clean the system

You can buy them as an aerosol can that is sprayed directly into the air vents, or the type that is left inside the car with the air conditioning running. There are also products that work by being placed inside the air conditioning system.

Leakage in air conditioning

If you are driving the car with the air conditioning running, you may find small puddles on the floor under the car after you have parked. This will usually be a drain pipe, where the system that allows condensation to escape is mounted. However, if you notice this water regularly, check the coolant level to make sure you do not have a leak in the system. Verification is also necessary if you find that the system is not cooling properly. To know more about Air conditioning repairs Geelong, you must always go for the various official web sites.

Car Glasses Haze

If the windscreen is foggy or the carpet looks damp, it may mean that the condensate collection tube is blocked. If you have this problem it is an easy thing to have fixed. And it’s worth doing to clean the bacteria, mold and fungi after that repair. Flush for air conditioning maintenance.

Strange noises when I turn on the air conditioner

Strange noises that begin when you turn on the air conditioner should have immediate attention. The pump system called the “compressor” may be the cause and is often a sign that it is almost breaking. It may not be cheap to fix, but it will be significantly cheaper than letting the system collapse.

The obvious flaws that are associated with air conditioning systems are as follows

  • Transmission belt tension problem
  • Airflow blocked through condenser and radiator
  • Visible signs of coolant oil stains on compressors, hoses, pipes or fittings
  • Assembly of loose or defective compressor supports
  • Laps missing.

Anything beyond this visual inspection requires a complete air conditioning maintenance service. Only a fully qualified technician can perform this service.

What you can do as preventive maintenance of air conditioning?

Use air once a week for 10 minutes to maintain gas pressure. This prevents hose hardening and compressor seals from failing. Turn on the air conditioner for the lowest temperature and highest fan speed. Run the “defrost” mode to clear the accumulated humidity. This prevents the formation of mold and the odour of dirty wet cloth in the system. Windows closed. By closing all the windows of the car, even on warmer days, the car’s aerodynamics remain maximum, keeping fuel consumption low and noise outside noise to a minimum, increasing safety for the driver and passengers.

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